Mona Jewelry Branding - 2019

Branding, Website UI

Mona Jewelry was founded by Mona, Liu, established in 2018. This young brand is full of charm without losing a sense of fashion.

Client: Mona.        Year: 2019.          Industry: Fashion

Invitation Card

Most of the designer’s inspiration comes from nature and old oriental culture. Each piece reflects this inspiration in some way and has a significant meaning.

Communication Design MFA
2018 Pratt Institute

Website Design

Within art directed the photographies as Renaissance oil painting; Designing the branding assets to minimal editorial style; Classic font, Minion Serif, delicately echos with the young and elegant art direction.

Look-book Design

I worked with Mona from the beginning of creating the Mona Jewelry Brand. I helped define the art direction as timeless, trendy, elegant and classic.